JUNE 2022

An Immersive & Theatrical Coffee Shop Experience




Located next door to the OFC Creations Theatre Center

Concept Conceived by

Eric Vaughn Johnson


John Haldoupis


Normal shows perform with a closing date. But what if you could enjoy an indefinite OFC Creations Theatre Center production with gourmet coffee!? At OFC’s The Old Farm Cafe, you can do just that.

Owned and operated by OFC Creations, The Old Farm Cafe and Dining Experience offers a one-of-a-kind experience, transporting guests to a captivating, whimsical, and unique theatrical barnyard. The cafe serves hot and cold drinks, coffee and other hand-crafted caffeinated beverages, hot breakfast, pastries, lunch and afternoon options.

OFC’s storytelling team members will enhance your visit with interactive barnyard animatronics, enchanting sounds of nature, and immersive decor designed by John Haldoupis. Come join our ongoing theatrical production, and let The Old Farm Cafe transport you beyond reality!

Check back here soon for info on employment, rental opportunities, and official opening date.

Announcing our grand opening weekend event:
The Wizard of Oz! Guests can be the first to check out the new cafe by attending our immersive production of The Wizard of Oz throughout the opening weekend (June 24th-26th). Audience members will be seated in the cafe as the production takes place throughout the entire venue – between the tables, behind you, and on our gazebo stage. Starring Hadley Strelau as Dorothy, Orlando Boxx as the Scarecrow, Jon Benn as the Tinman, J. Simmons as the Lion, and Hunter Ekberg as the Wicked Witch of the West… this will be a one-of-a-kind grand opening you won’t want to miss!

The Old Farm Cafe is an official OFC Creations LLC program proudly based in Rochester, NY